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Like your LIFE depended on it !!!

Two questions often asked when it comes to voting:

  • Does my vote really make a difference?

  • Do all elections matter?


Does my vote really make a difference?

  • Voting is a civic privilege and a democratic duty, and we must all exercise our right to vote. 

  • A few elections indicate the impact a single vote: 

  • Dave Adkins, for example, recaptured his spot in the New Hampshire House of Representatives by two votes in 2016

  • David Ainsworth won his seat in the Vermont House of Representatives by just one single ballot that year. 

  • The list continues, but the message stays the same: each vote counts and each election matter

“VOTE….our lives depend on it”




Elections Matter

  • All of them, not just your vote for State Governor or President of the United States. 

  • From school superintendent to sheriff to senator to our congressional representatives, our elected officials determine the quality and equality of our law enforcement, public education systems, and so much more. 

  • Presidential elections may receive the most attention and funding, but every election matters and influences the wellbeing of our communities.


“VOTE….our lives depend on it”



The 2020 Elections

  • This year’s elections are probably one of the most important in the history of the U.S.

  • Not only are Congressional seats at stake (U.S. Representatives and Senators) but so is the most important position in the United States – to include The Presidency.

  • Since the outcome of these elections will decide the course of our future for the next 4 years or longer, it is critical that every person who is eligible to votes – vote like your life depended on it.

  • For young people…. who have just become eligible to vote, your vote is more needed than ever before, so register to vote and vote like your life depended on it!

“VOTE….our lives depend on it”

Ways to Register



Note: Registering on Service Arizona utilizes the state form and citizenship is verified through your MVD record. An Arizona driver license or non-operating ID is required to use the Servicearizona application.



Download the State Registration form and mail to your county recorder’s office.

Download the Federal Registration form and mail to your county recorder’s office

Voter registration forms are also available at most libraries, motor vehicle division (MVD) offices, city clerk offices and public assistance agencies.

Voting by Mail: How to Get a Ballot by Mail:  https://azsos.gov/votebymail 

For more information visit


The Citizens Clean Elections Commission State of Arizona



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